Replacement Push Arm for Flexbar Saw Guard

Combines the productivity of a stock pusher with the safety of a saw blade guard!

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Special Features:

  • Adds safety by removing the operator’s hands from the sawblade area.
  • Adds productivity by eliminating the use of stock pushersticks and gadgets, which are frequently missing.
  • Accommodates all wood ripping and some cross-cutting applications.
  • Spring return system always keeps the guard in ready position.

The Flexbar Sawguard Table Saw Guard increases productivity by being a stockpusher that is permanently mounted on the table saw and it has adjustable push arms for different width stock. Unlike push sticks and temporary stock pushers, which are difficult to use and easily misplaced, the Sawguard is always ready. For cross-cutting stock the Sawguard maybe locked at the back of the table saw and out of the way.

The Flexbar Sawguard increases safety by allowing the operator to cut stock without ever placing his hands or fingers near the saw blade. The Sawguard handle design put operator’s hands high above the saw blade and the Lexan shield provides a clear view safety parition between operator and saw blade.